5 Advantages of Having a Canopy on Your Ute

Aluminium Ute Canopy Hilux Dual Cab Tray Back

A ute canopy is almost as essential to the job as a can of Redbull, or a Dare iced coffee (pick your poison). Just like a beverage overloaded with caffeine, you may not necessarily need a canopy to get you through the job. But for a whole lot of tradies, it’s a heck of a lot easier.  

Check out these top 5 advantages of having a canopy installed to your ute: 

1. Increased Load Capacity

If you’re in the market for a ute canopy, then chances are you’re wanting increased load capacity first and foremost. The daily struggle of trying to fit all your tools and equipment into your vehicle is a tale as old as time. Heaps of tradies struggle with it, but all that ends once they’ve outfitted their vehicle with a canopy.  

2. Protect Expensive Equipment

Keep in mind that whatever’s in the back of your ute tray is fair game for the harsh weather conditions and elements. Aside from this, it’s also an easy target for thieves. A ute canopy changes all of that. With one of these installed, you can provide all your essential tools and equipment with a safe home, which protects it from dirt, dust, rain, sun, and best of all, the grubby little hands of strangers. If you’re keeping your gear packed away from all that, then you can ensure to keep them intact for as long as possible. It also means that you can save yourself from having to dish out cash for replacements so often.  

3. Organise Your Tools

You may not be too keen on chucking all your tools into the back of your ute tray like you’re chucking cooking utensils into your kitchen drawers. Apart from making your tray look cluttered and disorganised, this also makes it super hard for when you need to find a certain piece of equipment on the double. If you’re on the job, your clients probably won’t be too impressed if you’re wasting time swishing around in the back of your ute. So, how can you organise your tools more effectively? Yep, you guessed it- a ute canopy. Take it from us, you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run. 

4. Professional Look

First impressions are always important, and that includes when you’re on the job. Sure, having a ute canopy comes with all these great functional benefits. But apart from all that, it also makes you look like the real deal as well. A ute canopy shows that you’re fully equipped and organised. It also shows you’ve got experience; all good things that will put your client’s minds at ease if it’s your first day on the job. Be sure to take care of your canopy well, and you’ll be able to maintain that professional look for heaps more future jobs.  

5. Highly Customisable

Ute canopies aren’t one-size-fits-all. Sure, you can probably find prefabricated canopies around. But these will never go as far as a tailor-made solution. At Great Racks, we always consider our client’s needs when we’re manufacturing their ute canopy. It’s the only way to make sure that they get the most out of their investment. We offer ute canopies made out of high-quality aluminium or weatherproof canvas material. Best of all, you can enjoy one of these no matter what type of work vehicle you’ve got- we build canopies to follow the shape of whatever existing headboard you have.   

Get the Perfect Custom Ute Canopy with Great Racks

Want a ute canopy that ticks all the boxes available? At Great Racks, we’re a bunch of friendly tradies building custom roof racks and canopies for tradies. We understand that every worker’s needs are different, depending on the industry they’re in. That’s why we always make sure to listen to your unique specifications and requirements carefully. We supply aluminium and canvas ute canopies manufactured from tough and durable materials. The end result? A versatile, game-changing canopy that guarantees to be your best mate on the job.  

Treat yourself with a long-lasting ute canopy from Great Racks. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your custom product! 

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