Types of Roof Racks and Their Uses

You’ve probably landed here because one thing’s for certain- you’re in desperate need of a roof rack. What type of roof rack? You have no idea. But you know you’ve reached your breaking point, and you need one now. That might be because you’re sick of having bulky gear taking up precious legroom in your vehicle. Or, you could be fed up with having no idea where specific tools and equipment are when you need them most. On the other hand, you may have noticed your mate had a little bit more spring in his step after rocking up to work with a roof rack. Maybe you just came back from a camping trip, and noticed all the other families looked way more chilled out during set-up and pack-up than you did?

Whether you need a new roof rack to store all your essential tools and equipment, materials, camping gear, bikes, kayaks, or anything else, our team at Great Racks are here to help you find the perfect solution.

Below, we’ve given you a brief overview of all the different types of roof racks and their uses, so that you can get a rough idea of which type of roof rack would be best suited for your needs:

Open Ends

Open Ends headline

The great thing about roof racks is that most of the time, their name gives a huge clue as to what they’re used for. So, as you might’ve guessed, an open-ends roof-rack comes with two open ends- perfect for carrying long loads that have no chance in hell of fitting into a car. Think poles, long sheets of material, ladders, surfboards, dinghies and kayaks. Unsurprisingly, these are one of the most popular styles of roof racks for tradies (and once you get one, we guarantee you’ll be preaching about how every tradie needs a roof rack). Of course, they’re just as useful for anyone who’s into water sports as well.


Basket-Style Roof Rack

Basket-style roof racks are like a glorified container on top of your vehicle, and they’re a total must-have for campers in particular. These enclosed roof racks with a mesh floor allow you to fit a bunch of differently sized and shaped items on top, whether they’re as light as a feather or as bulky as a sack of potatoes. Give Great Racks a call and mention a basket-style roof rack if you want to be able to carry around firewood, foldable chairs, tents, sleeping bags, cargo bags, and other essential camping gear easy-peasy.


Tent-Style Roof Rack

Ever seen those 4WDs with literal tents on their roofs? Introducing the tent-style roof rack; the one way to make camping trips 100x better. These racks are specifically made to suit your roof top tent. Just tell the friendly staff at Great Racks which tent you have and they will design one to suit. You even have the option to have your rack built for the tent at the back and storage at the front – imagine that!


Flat-Deck Roof Rack

If you’re a tradie who mainly works in built up areas such as the city, then a flat-deck roof rack may be just what you need. These types of roof racks have rails pointing downwards so you still have tie down points but it may be the difference between fitting into that underground car park and crashing into the low roof sign. They’re lower, and as a result, more aerodynamic. That means better fuel efficiency, and less annoying noise when you’re on the move. As you can probably imagine, bridges and carparks with low clearances are a common obstacle in the city. Luckily, with a flat-deck roof rack, overcoming these will be a walk in the park.

Get the Perfect Custom Roof Rack from Great Racks

So, now you’ve got a rough idea of the type of roof rack you’ll be needing, why not get the ball rolling on it? At Great Racks, we’re a bunch of friendly tradies building high-quality roof racks, ladder racks and canopies to last against the harsh Australian conditions. Whatever specific needs or requirements you have for your roof rack, we can add in a bunch of different features and accessories. Just give us the heads up, and we’ll make it happen. We build every roof rack custom, so you can always be sure you’re getting the perfect solution. 

Need more help on determining the best rack for your needs? Give Great Racks a call today, and we’d be glad to help you out!

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