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Courier Packs/Rear Bar

Courier Packs / Rear Bars Custom Built for Australian Conditions

Searching for an experienced and reliable aluminium fabrication specialist who can custom-build courier packs and rear bars? Look no further than Great Racks, the leading fabrication firm in Western Australia. Our team of talented and skilled craftsmen specialise in designing and building courier packs that can withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions and the demands of your load.

Also known as a rear bar, a courier pack is an affordable and convenient option for securing ladders and other bulky items on your utility vehicle. Unlike other companies in the area, we do not offer pre-fabricated rear bars. Instead, we custom build courier packs so they match the shape and the height of your headboard. We also add extra gussets and supports to match the carrying capacity sought by our customers.

At Great Racks, we always place customer satisfaction as one of our topmost priorities. As such, we carefully listen to our client’s needs so that we can come up with an efficient solution for them. For instance, if your vehicle does not have a headboard, we can fabricate and fit one for you. On the other hand, if your vehicle has a sports bar, we can fit it with a custom-built packer that also matches the height of the rear bar. We always find a solution to suit your vehicle and meet your carrying needs. With our courier packs and rear bars, you can pack and send your products with confidence, knowing that they’ll be sufficiently protected all throughout transit.
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