4 Reasons Why Every Tradie Needs a Roof Rack

Tradie Roof Racks

You’ve got a shelf for your books and drawers for your kitchen utensils. So, why wouldn’t you get a roof rack for your vehicle, to store your tools and equipment? 

Almost every tradie’s got a roof rack these days. However, if you’re one of the mere few that isn’t yet fully convinced, allow us to turn that around with these 4 great reasons why every tradie needs a roof rack: 

1. They Maximise Storage Space

Are you sick of having to play Tetris in the back of your ute, or worse, in the backseat of your car? If you’ve got large, bulky or sharp equipment, then chances are you’ve already managed to put a few dents, scrapes or scratches into your upholstery- which usually ends up being the final straw before you blow your top, after trying to fit your tools in comfortably for the 100th time. 

Thankfully, the reincarnation of Jesus Christ himself recognised this problem in the past and thought of a solution. Enter roof rack; the one invention that has changed the way tradesmen of all industries transport their gear around safely and easily. The prime purpose of a roof rack is to maximise your vehicle’s storage space, so that you don’t have to go stuffing big, awkward items into your backseat like you’re stuffing a Christmas turkey. Instead, roof racks provide you with a place to store everything you need. No more having tools and equipment sticking out of your boot, cluttering your backseat and blocking your vision out the rear windshield. Instead, you can get the most out of your work vehicle. 

2. They Keep You Organised

When you’ve got all your tools stuffed into your backseat or boot, looking for the one you need at the time can feel like you’re looking for a sock in a pile of laundry. And when you’ve got an urgent job to get started on, there’s really no time to be fluffing around, right? 

A roof rack gives every one of your tools its own little special place. No more tearing the car apart just to find that one particular item you’re looking for. Instead, you can organise your equipment easily, meaning no more stress and no more time wasted. 

3. They Make You Look Like the Real Deal

What screams, ‘I’m a professional’ more than rocking up to your job with a fully decked out ute, complete with a roof rack? A roof rack will show clients that you’re organised. Most importantly, it will allow you access to the tools you need quickly and easily, saving you time that would be otherwise spent sorting through your entire vehicle. This is sure to show clients that you’re committed, competent and experienced. Moreover, it may also help you to land some good reviews, which would be super helpful for getting future clients on board.  

4. They’re Super Versatile and Adaptable

No matter whether you’re a sparky, plumber, gardener, carpenter, painter, handyman, or any other type of tradesman, you can expect there to be a roof rack fit for you. You can definitely buy prefabricated roof racks. However, we’ll let you in on a little secret- the best ones are always custom-made. Thankfully, we offer just that here at Great Racks. Our roof racks can be uniquely designed and manufactured according to your own needs and requirements. So, no matter what specific add-ons or features you want for your rack, you can expect us to provide a solution complete with all the bells and whistles you need. 

Turn to Great Racks for a Custom Roof Rack

Interested in getting a custom designed roof rack? At Great Racks, our roof racks are built by tradies, for tradies. We always design our roof racks using high-quality, durable materials. As a result, our racks are guaranteed to last against the harsh Australian weather conditions and elements. Aside from this, you can always expect superior customer service when you turn to us. We take the time to listen to your needs and present you with the most ideal solution possible. 

Take the first step towards getting your custom-build rack. Give Great Racks a call right now!

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