Canopy vs Ute Toolbox: Which Should You Choose?


We talk a lot about canopies and ute toolboxes here at Great Racks- how they make your work vehicle look like the real deal, how they keep all your tools and equipment safe and protected, and how they make it easier to find what you need when you need it. But while both add-ons come with several awesome benefits, the fact is, there’s only room for one on the back of your ute. So, you’ve got to choose, and choose wisely. Luckily, we’ve put together just the guide you need to make the right decision for your vehicle.

In this post, we’ve compared the benefits of adding a canopy or a toolbox to your ute, so you can finally decide on an option that works best for you:

The Benefits of Canopies



One of the best things about canopies vs toolboxes is that they’re a lot more versatile. You can use your canopy for storing and transporting tools and equipment on the job. But when the weekend comes, you’ll be free to use it for all your other hobbies and outdoor adventures. So, if you use your vehicle for both work and play, a canopy might be just what you need to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Next-Level Protection

Another perk that comes from having a canopy is that it offers next level protection for your tools and equipment. Storing gadgets in the back of your ute tray can leave them vulnerable to serious damage, especially if they aren’t secured properly and are just sliding around and smashing into each other while you’re driving around from job to job. Aside from this, a ute cover isn’t necessarily enough to deter thieves from getting their hands on your expensive tools and equipment either. Alternatively, canopies are sturdy, lockable, and capable of protecting your tools against the harsh elements and weather conditions as well.

Good Looks

Nothing screams, ‘I’m a professional’ more than having a custom-made canopy on the back of your ute. So, if you agree that first impressions are important (especially when you’re rocking up to a client for the first time), investing in a canopy for your work vehicle is a great way to make it look like you’re the real deal, and that you mean business. As long as you ensure to take care of your canopy, you can keep your entire ute looking good for as long as possible.

The Benefits of Toolboxes


Easy Organisation

One of the major differences between canopies and toolboxes is that toolboxes are a lot more intricate. There are heaps of shelves, drawers and little compartments for you to store all your essential tools and materials. Needless to say, it’s a whole lot easier to organise all your gadgets in a way that leaves you feeling prepared and satisfied. Rest assured, your days of rummaging through the back of your ute are over with one of these bad boys installed.

Convenient Access

The no-fuss toolbox is a game changer for a lot of tradies out there. Naturally, when you’ve got all your bits and bobs stored away nicely, finding what you need when you need it is super easy; and that means less fluffing around on the job. With convenient access to all your tools of the trade, you can get the job done quicker, easier and with less stress on your shoulders. Having your tools stored in a smaller enclosed space also leaves more area in your tray available for larger, bulkier items like pallets.


If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be stoked to hear that there are plenty of affordable ute toolboxes around, especially if you opt for a prefabricated option rather than custom-made. Unlike canopies, toolboxes don’t always have to be made to suit the exact dimensions of your vehicle.

Get a Custom Canopy or Ute Toolbox from Great Racks

Ready to transform your ute into the ultimate work vehicle? At Great Racks, we design custom canopies and ute toolboxes according to your unique needs and requirements. We only use high-quality, durable materials in the making of our add-ons. Consequently, we can put together canopies, toolboxes, roof racks and more, that go above and beyond your expectations and make your work on the daily grind that much easier. 

To enquire about getting a custom canopy or ute toolbox, contact Great Racks now!

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