5 Benefits of Investing in a Quality Ute Toolbox

Ute Toolbox by Great Racks

As through and through tradies ourselves, we know first-hand how much of a difference fully decked out utes can make on the job. But aside from adding roof racks and canopies to your ride, toolboxes can also help to make your work vehicle more suitable for, well, work.

Here are 5 benefits of investing in a quality ute toolbox for your vehicle:

1. Increase Load Capacity

As tradies, we’re always looking for ways to increase the load capacity of our vehicle so that we can stack on more tools, equipment and materials. It’s just the name of the game when you’re having to drive around from job to job, fixing things, building things, crafting things and what not. Ute toolboxes increase the load capacity of your vehicle by increasing vertical storage. So, with one of these bad boys installed, you can fit even more in your ute tray- only, it won’t be all spread out in a disorganised sea of items.

2. Organise Your Tools

One of the many struggles of being a tradie without a toolbox is that it’s almost impossible to find the exact tool you need on the job quick smart (especially when it’s lost in the endless sea we were just talking about) Toolboxes are a simple solution to the problem. No more digging around in the back of your vehicle or freaking about because you can’t find the tool you’re looking for. With everything in its place, you can be cool, calm and collected on the job.

3. Protect Your Tools

Tools are expensive. So, having to buy new ones constantly can not only be a waste of time, but also major a drain on the wallet. Luckily, toolboxes can help to preserve the state of your tools. With your tools arranged in a toolbox, you won’t have to worry about them smashing around in the back of your tray as you turn the corner, or getting rusty or dirty from the rain, dust and dirt that ends up in your ute. Instead, you can keep your old and trusty tools looking and working better for longer.

4. Look Like the Real Deal

Whether you’re a sparky, a bricky, a plumber or any other type of tradie, you probably want to look like the real deal when you rock up to your client’s house. One way to do this is yes, arriving to the job in your standard high-vis outfit and tradie boots. But the other is having an organised and professional-looking work vehicle in the background. And since a toolbox will allow you to be more organised and find the tools you need more easily, you won’t have to waste time fumbling around in the back of your ute while the client stares at you unconvincingly. Instead, you can grab what you need, do what you need to do, then bounce for lunch, home, or the next job on the agenda.

5. Increase Your Ute’s Value

Not all of us want to stick with the same old vehicle for the rest of our lives- especially when you’ve got a whole range of impressive HiLux, Ranger and D-Max models being rolled out year after year. With that said, you’ll probably want more than a handful of magic beans in exchange for your faithful work vehicle when the time comes to sell. It just so happens that fitting a toolbox to your ute also increases its value. So, aside from enjoying the benefits of increased load capacity, organised tools, and all that other good stuff that comes from having a toolbox now, you can also look forward to getting more for your vehicle in future.

Get a Toolbox at Great Racks

A solid toolbox sounds like a pretty good option, right? Well, if you feel like adding one to your own ute, why not give us a call at Great Racks? At Great Racks, we supply only high quality toolboxes that are dust-proof, water-proof and built tough to go the distance. And most importantly, designed to suit your ute and your needs. Whether it’s a ute, truck, camper trailer or caravan, we have a range of premade toolboxes available. With a brand-new toolbox installed to your ute, you can look forward to saving time, energy and effort on the job. All in all, having an organised work vehicle is sure to make the daily grind go by a lot faster and easier. Getting your roof rack and tool box needs sorted in the one booking ensures a seamless experience and the end result is bound to impress.

To get a free measure and quote, call Great Racks today!

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